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How far your company use mobile for hiring?

use mobile for hiring the most important 3 reasons 1-Target pacific segment when the company try to hire candidate they are looking for caliber who have the required skills , and by targeting them through an ad they wont lose money in a wrong targeted segment, as the candidate who will see the ad will …

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Employee’s retention

In simple words, it is when a company can retain its employees. Hiring them is just the beginning you should keep them satisfied to avoid turnover costs. People like to feel that they are succeeding and their efforts are shown in accomplishing the organization’ goals. So Employers and HR department …

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Strategic hiring

After introducing your product to the market, and done with all procedures, now it’s time to hire the right people. Hiring right people means that your business going to expand in the right direction. To reach this goal, you must put a proper strategy for hiring, and here some advices …

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