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How far your company use mobile for hiring?

use mobile for hiring

use mobile for hiring

the most important 3 reasons

1-Target pacific segment

when the company try to hire candidate they are looking for caliber who have the required skills ,

and by targeting them through an ad they wont lose money in a wrong targeted segment,

as the candidate who will see the ad will be previously targeted by the company,

through his phone or tablet or what ever

2-Increase the number of mobile Owners

in the last five years the usage of the mobile phone become larger,

as the users can use it in buying stuff or taking picture or the endless Apps on markets that gives a millions of feature ,

also applying for jobs through the company ads start to increase.

3- Fastest way to communicate

the mobile has become the fastest way to communicate ,

even more than the emails that takes time to review , and most of the companies just let the candidates to apply direct in a finger touch

Who like to use the Mobile for applying?

the most targeted segment like to use the mobile for applying jobs are

1- students 

the most segment are willing to find jobs as soon as they graduate from the college are the students so they are very common to use their mobile for applying a part time jobs


Companies who like to use mobile for hiring are the SME companies not even the large companies as the budget is low so they will find the most low priced way

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