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Strategic hiring

After introducing your product to the market, and done with all procedures, now it’s time to hire the right people. Hiring right people means that your business going to expand in the right direction.

To reach this goal, you must put a proper strategy for hiring, and here some advices to set strategy that attracts the best talent:

  • Treat your candidates well they are import as your consumers:

The recruitment process is just like marketing and sales to your company, you should impress talents to join the successful team. Because every person in your team can move by company forward, slow it down, or take it a step back.


  • Underestimate the Cost/Benefit of hiring new employee:
  • Before you hire someone to join your team you should know all the costs you’ll pay and also the benefits you’ll gain.
  • Costs may include (Recruiting costs. Salary, Taxes, Equipment, &Training).
  •  Benefits include:

Sales, Expansion, Development.


  • Is it better to work with freelancer?

If you found costs expand the benefits and revenue and you still have job have to be done so it’s time for freelancer, consider it, a lot of them may like to join fast growing company to prove themselves.


  • Ultimate the benefit from the data you have:

Save time and use what you already have, know the job you recruit for and what should be done and how! After knowing all of it you’ll know the right performance and how can you evaluate it! and for sure you’ll know which employee with right skills do need and avoid the hiring of wrong one.


  • Use your employees network to find great people:

If you already working with great people that you made a lot of effort to attract to your organization, then you must trust their referral. Word of mouth in recruitment also has a great impact on the hiring process so use it.

These are some of great steps that help you to build the right strategy attracts talents, joining your team and go an extra mile for success of organization.

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